2-1-1 (United Way)

Large, regional call center providing a comprehensive directory of social service programs available in the North Central Alabama region.

4 Paws For Ability

Email: Info@4pawsforability.org


Provides service dogs to children worldwide.

*Also works with Veterans

Alabama Relay

1.800.676.3777 (Customer service)

1.800.676.4290 (Spanish)

Email: accessibility@sprint.com



Free service that provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blind, and speech disabled.

  • Alabama Relay makes calls to anyone in the United States and around the world who has a telephone.
  • A relay operator voices everything you type and types everything you say.
  • All calls are strictly private
  • Available 24/7



Email: info@eastersealsbham.org


The Medical Assistance Grant helps individuals and families pay for medical equipment and necessary home modifications for children and adults who have disabilities and are unable to provide for their own needs.

Kulture City

Email: support@kulturecity.org


Sends toys to children with Autism.

Provides Lifeboks- free kits for children with autism to prevent wandering and wander-related accidents

  • This box includes a GPS tracker bracelet, door alarms, and more.

Provides free tablets to children with autism to use as a communication device or means of entertainment. Also helps businesses, entertainment venues, restaurants, and other venues to become sensory inclusive environments.

Medicaid Waiver Program



For the elderly and/or disabled.

Under a Medicaid waiver, a state can waive certain Medicaid program requirements, allowing the state to provide care for people who might not otherwise be eligible under Medicaid.

  • Allows disabled residents financial assistance for ongoing personal care services at home or in the home of a friend or family member
  • The waiver’s objective is to assist persons to live outside of nursing homes and to assist their loved one’s in helping to care for them.
  • Based on individual’s income, not the income of parent or caregiver
  • Individuals decide whether to have the state manage their care services or to self-direct their care services via a program called Personal Choices.
  • Under this waiver, candidates are eligible to receive the following types of care:
    • Adult day care
    • Case management
    • Non-medical companion services 
    • Home delivered meals
    • Homemaker services – meal preparation, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, picking up prescription drugs, etc.
    • Personal care – Aid with activities of daily living, such as dressing oneself, bathing, eating, toilet training, etc.

*Skilled and unskilled respite care provided in the home

PAL (Parenting Assistance Line)



Confidential, free service for any parent, grandparent, or guardian seeking information and support in becoming a better caregiver. Trained counselors provide a listening ear or suggest resources for parenting challenges.

Weekdays 9am-6pm

Parent Connection Network of Alabama


602 S. Lawrence Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104


The Parent Connection is a statewide network of families who have children with special health care needs or disabilities and who are willing to share their experiences with other families. The network provides a way for families to gather together for emotional support.

  • Practical suggestions for day-to-day living
  • Information about local, state, and national issues
  • Ways to work with service providers to meet their family needs

Service Dogs of Alabama


8365 Mobile Highway, Hope Hull, Alabama 36043


Provides medical and psychiatric dogs to children, adults, and Veterans with disabilities.

School dogs are trained to assist educators and counselors with student interventions.

Southern Breeze Travel


Email: Sandra@SouthernBreeze.Vacations


Specializes in resort travel, honeymoons, family vacations and travel for families with members with special needs





Tickets can be purchased at: 530 Beacon Parkway West, Suite 600, Birmingham, Alabama 35209 (Or by phone)

A model regional transportation system that is multi-modal, fully-integrated, flexible, affordable, accessible, reliable, and sensitive to client needs. Provides subsidized rides for: people who are 60+ traveling in Jefferson, Shelby & Walker Counties, people who are eligible for paratransit under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and people who reside in and travel to or from rural Jefferson or Shelby Counties.

  • Curb-to-curb service
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Service animals welcome
  • Children ages 12 & up may ride unaccompanied
  • Hours of operation: 7am-5pm, Monday-Friday
  • $4.00 One-Way
  • $8.00 Round-trip

Kid One


110 12th Street North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203


  • Transports children and expectant mothers to necessary health care services
  • Provides free, safe and reliable transportation
  • Rides can be requested on the website

United Way of Central Alabama



United Way provides an information and referral center for social service programs in the area.

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