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Undefined is an adjective meaning “without fixed limits”. Undefined began when two moms in Birmingham, Alabama who each have a child with a disability had a vision of making access to resources easier for those caring for an individual with special needs. With each of them having two additional children, they found themselves limited in what they were able to achieve and experience with their families. They also found that it was not easy to find what resources were available for help. This had been their experience since receiving their child’s diagnosis.

These moms felt that what was lacking was a central hub of information and networking for special families in the Birmingham area. They also decided that if they felt this way, there must be others that share the same struggle. That is when they decided to make a change for their families, their children, and for others.

Undefined was built on the belief that knowledge is empowering and no family should be left feeling helpless or limited when caring for a family member with a disability. Support and resources should be easy to access and available for all.

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