Continuing Education

Horizons School



2018 15th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35205

This is a community-based educational program promoting a successful transition to independent living for young adults with learning disabilities, autism and developmental disorders. Promotes and teaches personal independence, social independence, career independence, and self-determination.

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Email all inquiries to:

2017 Columbiana Road, Vestavia Hills, Alabama 35216

Serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families by offering a “University-style” atmosphere through continuing education, life skills, and social skills. Included in the curriculum:

  • Academics
  • Math, Reading, Science, History, Language Arts, Technology and Bible Study
  • Social Skills
  • Appropriate Conversation, Social Cues, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Electives
  • Dance, Music, Drama, Art, Basketball, Cheerleading, Culinary Arts, Yoga and Job Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Money Management, Personal Hygiene, Technology, and Nutrition

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