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Alabama’s Early Intervention System 



Full comprehensive evaluation to assess if a child has developmental delays in any of the five areas of development to determine if a child qualifies for Early Intervention

*Free to individuals who qualify

Children’s of Alabama Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Clinics


McWane Building, Clinic 11600- 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233


  • Autism, ADHD, Developmental Delays (excluding dyslexia)
  • In-House Teacher and Social Worker 
  • Monitoring
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Connection to Resources

To schedule an appointment, go to the website and fill out the “Request for a Specialty Clinic Form” linked on the site. (Accepts BCBS and Medicaid)

*This clinic requests that individuals under 3 years of age have initiated a referral to Early Intervention.

Children’s of Alabama Medical Autism Clinic


McWane Building, Clinic 1- 1600 7th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35233


  • Motor Evaluation (if needed)
  • Genetic Evaluation
  • Feeding Evaluation
  • Speech-Language Evaluation
  • Sleep Evaluation
  • Behavioral Referral
  • Hearing Test

Appointments are made for children who have an ASD diagnosis or who have been referred by their physician to this clinic for additional evaluation.

UAB Civitan Sparks Clinics


1720 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35294


These clinics are for individuals with developmental disabilities or suspected developmental disabilities and their families. Each individual will have customized team evaluations to address the areas of concern and provide recommendations for therapies, treatment, and activities that will help each person achieve their full potential and live a full life.

UAB Genetics



  • Prenatal Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Known Mutation Testing
  • Tests for Specific Disorders

United Ability’s Ability Clinic 


Email: UAclinic@unitedability.org

100 Oslo Circle, Birmingham, Alabama 35211


Provides comprehensive evaluations for infants and children up to age 14

  • Upper and lower extremity orthotic evaluations
  • Multi-disciplinary seating for wheelchair evaluations

The University of Alabama Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic


Email: autismclinic@ua.edu

603 Hackberry Lane, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487


  • Diagnostic Evaluations and Support
  • Psychological Intervention
  • School and Professional Group Consultations
  • Community-Based Training

*Currently accepts BCBS and Alabama Medicaid insurances

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