NOFAS Alabama

NOFAS Affiliate: 


781 Indian Trail Road, Indian Springs, AL 35124


Provides support and referrals to individuals and their families living with or at risk for FASD

  • Connects families, communities and researchers
  • Presents at conferences
  • Provides an online clearinghouse with FASD curriculum, information, materials, webinars, and referrals
  • Provides a peer mentoring and support network

JCCEO Early Head Start Program


Email: (Carmelita Pointdexter, Deputy Director of Child Development Services)

Email: (Kimberly Berry, Associate Director of Early Head Start)

  • Prenatal Support
  • Parent Training and Support (during & after pregnancy)

UAB Fetal Diagnosis and Care Clinic


*Referral Based

When faced with the possibility that an unborn baby may have medical complications or congenital problems, physicians within the UAB Fetal Diagnosis and Care Clinic provides expectant mothers with a comprehensive model of care. Mothers facing this reality can sit down with a medical team that covers every specialty related to maternity and beyond. This includes physicians within Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Neonatology and Pediatric Surgery as well as Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology, Neurosurgery and Genetics.

Teams will work together to provide multidisciplinary, comprehensive care for mother and for baby prior to birth. This eliminates multiple appointments to see specialists individually and allows the patient the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from a team of doctors.

This is the only multidisciplinary prenatal diagnosis clinic in Alabama

Individuals do not have to be a patient at, or see an OB at UAB.

UAB Genetics


Prenatal Testing

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